Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's been happening to me? Hmm. *awkwardsilence*
Wait. How do you define "happening" btw? O.o
Pretty much NOTHING has been going on!!! And this nothing is driving me nuts! (ノ_-。)

I've been going to my cousin's home.
[if you're an ardent reader of this crappy blog you know who she is. To those whose new, its Larah]. 

5/1 Went there to lend her my mp3. Her older brother borrowed hers, and she needs to learn a new song for their further gigs. [Applause to me for not being selfish!] 

5/2 It was Baby Rafael's 2nd month of mundane existence! And he keeps on growing fast! ^O^ Had small family dinner on their home. [Rafael is Larah's son in case you don't know.]

5/3 Was at Larah's Parents house. It's her dads 52nd birthday, if i'm not mistaken. :D Went there for dinner.

A lot of eating took place the past days! My sacrifice to diet paid me off with so much food in my plate, on the contrary! DAMMIT! My PMS is killing me. T^T I am gluttonous a week before my period and a week during my period. Two freakin weeks of gluttony and two fckin weeks of food deprivation! GREAT! No wonder i'll be diagnosed with stomach cancer in the future..

5/4 Another day filled with so much laziness and abundance of internet surfing! HURRAY! Yet am freakin bored to even bother google. Furthermore, my left eye is weird. It palpitates! Am i gonna have astigmatism soon? OoohhHh NoO! (ノ゚ο゚)ノ

Horrid. Horrid. ((>д<))

I should perhaps have an eye check-up and wear an eyeglass to prevent this, YES!  ≧(´▽`)≦ 
Wait i'm broke, WTF!。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。


Today, i browse through my photos in facebook. To my disappointment, i now see them very hideous!>0<
I AM HIDEOUS! [self-claim] These photos used to be good looking enough for me to publish, but now it all seems UGLY. :(( wtf! I really got a vision issues to ready myself. So i hid some albums. *Gasp.

Anyways, my enrollment will take place very soon! [like 4days from now?] BLOODY HELL!
I remain indifferent, seriously can't think of what to do for me to survive college! I thought of calling my dad, but heck. I don't think he'll take me seriously. He's an old man who doesn't trust his own blood after all. I should keep my pride. Even if this pride will not take me farther. I must deal with the life i am destined to have in the first place. Not that i've lost my faith, i still keep on praying every church day. [Ah yea, just every church day! O.o] In other words, i've lost my interest to get a LIFE. I'm feeling stupid too, because my brain has been hibernating even if i'm not sleeping. FREAK! O.o

I now must end this post as i sound very pessimistic and dramatic and you might puke if i continue typing my woes.

Sorry, NO recent photos lately. Not in the right state to camwhore, nor answer emails with joy, not even clicking the reply button. Just plain #handONchin. (  ̄っ ̄)


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