Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well, hello there! ^.^

I was away for two days [Tuesday and Wednesday], mainly because i tried to enroll! [Uh-huh.] :)
But i wouldn't want to talk about the whole thing, since i'm not enrolled yet! So basically it was a freaking waste of time, money, effort, and lots of SKIN! Bloody hell! >.< Tremendous sun exposure the entire day, made me disgusted and fuck-up! URGH! Nothing good happened that days.  It was my days of sweat and dying feet. I even had blister on my thumb toe. *Ouch* And my shoe-heels were scratched, the path was a rough road that hates heels. *Sighs. I was just basically amused of the parents who accompanied their "babies" to enroll in college. WTF! Time for you to grow-up kiddos! I've even seen parents filling-up the papers of their lame "babies", wtf again. The most that shock me was when i saw a girl with her mom inside the restroom. This babygorl [gorilla] was such a spoiled brat! Her mom combs her long hair, put on to her a necklace, and even put her powder!!! And the fuckt that she's even taller than me is just so annoying to see their mother-daughter bonding. [Yea i was jealous, but what the heck man..] SHRUG!

Anyways I want to rant about somethings...

1. I hate to be called SEXY! So i suggest you FUCK-OFF and SHUT your fucking mouth you dickheads! [I only appreciate girls compliment.] It really pisses me off and boils up my blood specially if some street stranger calls me that! Sexy my fucking foot you fuckhead!!! You guys creeps me out! Maddd disgustiiinnngg! Just from its root-word, SEX. I suppose you assholes are lusting over me?! #SHIVERSfrommajorgrossness.gif

I don't see why i am called like that, i don't wear slutty clothes as far as my daily clothes is concern. *Gasp Further more, i am so aware that i have a very small chest and that i have extra pounds! And i don't see a sexy girl with so many pimples on her face!!! That is just a so not good compliment you know! Aah!

I wore blazer with this ok, just bcos its hot in office so i took off.  

2. I'm totally annoyed of ppl who interferes with my business. Family/friends just let me be please... 

3. I'm damn pissed when i COOK something then get bad comments after! Why not think of the effort and bluff me first a bit? Seriously. This is the reason why i never like cooking!!! NEVER! [Actually the major reason is i hate the sizzling pan and the heat from the kitchen.] Ok fine, i'm only good at instant noodles and frying egg. Hmfts! But so what, effort is an effort exerted and must be at least recognize!

I have a lot of things that i hate. I am a person with so much negativity around my body. IKR. My ying and yang aren't neutral. I have temper. Deal with it or get lost. I'm used of being alone btw. ^________^

Act fierce.

Right now, I got so many break-outs [Ehhhh, whats new? Yawns~] freakin two days of mega sun exposure to death almost peeled and burnt my face alive! The photo above is not recent! And is filtered! HAHAHA! If you think this is SEXY then bear it, i don't need to hear how sexy i am in your eyes! #raisedbrow.jpg


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