Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oooohhhh mmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy Gaaaaaaaahhwwwwwwwwdddd!
I cant believe what i saw today!!! DAMN!
I feel like i can't breathe from major shock! I just can't believe my own eyes! O.O
This is sooooo shallow of me but heck! August liked my FB status!!!!! BWAHAHAHA!

I was browsing somebody's FB, and this fb notification pops-out!!!

IT'S HIM! OHMYGOD! O.O *dilatedeyes

I was like staring at the monitor and my hands went stiffed! I was trying to reach for the "print screen' key but was too late when i found it. [The pop-out msg disappeared and flew to the notification icon] =( I've print-screen it though, from the drop-down notifs.

But then, when i recheck my notifs he's gone!!! WTF! Seriously.
What is up with you fb? Are you playing with my emotions!? Dammit! >.<

Yet i can not be affected!!! I have my printed-screen to stare at! *Guffaws
Yet I can't reveal his name man! Even if i want to.

In case you're wonderin what was my fb status:
"The world is your oyster. Believe in yourself, strive for what you desire and you will be rewarded. :)"
Ahaha! :D Very positive thought. Not the usual me. Honestly, i just copy paste that! LOL. :))
For that, i think i have to post positive thoughts all the time! Lalalaaa~ ^^

Please pinch me~
It's been a while. I still can't believe he'll show me some presence! ^_______^ #imahappygirl

But waaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!! •O•

He must've browse my wall and saw the linked of this baby blog! OHMY! He must be laughing his ass off if ever he read my blog post-love-confession for him. Waaaaahhhhh! *Dies* Just over reacting! HAHA! Truth is, I want him to read it and I hope he'll feel regretful to neglect me! Bwahahaha!!! *Witchlaugh


♥tin 5/15/12

I'll blog about my enrollment attempts next time. :)

I hate that the time and date of this blog is inaccurate! 1day late! So i have to schedule the post to achieve the right date of blogged. Lamelamelame!

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