Monday, May 21, 2012

Yellows! ^‿^/
Here's just another mix&match office outfit of the day! :P

This skirt is orange [in case you're color-blind?]. O_o

It's yet another overload of a sweet boring day. :) [what's new?]
Was browsing the net [what's new again?] to look for post paid plan I could apply, and yet nothing can be afford! LOL. Plus today, saw at my newsfeed that Mark Zuckerberg is already married!!! I dint even know that he is attached in the first place! HAHA! He married his chinese long time(?) girlfriend Priscilla Chan! [She's not that good-looking in my view, but perhaps intelligent?] That girl is a sure jackpot to married the youngest billionaire in this filthy world! Deym! Hence, Congratulations to the newly-highly influential [I suppose] couple to date!

Anyways, I don't feel like talking a lot of nonsense today. *whistles* #imsoboring *pout* 

My false-eyelashes were shredding!!! :)))

Got that semi-permanent [is there such a word?] false-eyelashes extension last March. I was told that it will last me 2months, not bad for Php500 to have I thought, so I had it! And indeed, it lasted me 2months before I forcefully removed the last two pieces attached on my real poor lashes! The story was, whenever a piece of false lashes will fall off, two strand of real ones has to be sacrificed! Because the false one was glued to the real ones. ='( Before I had it, i dint know that it will be glued with the real ones. *selfslaps* Now my real lashes got smaller and thinner. Wtf! So there, end of story. LOL.


Just some webby I clicked over. If you want to know all available phone and its feature in the market. 

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