Saturday, May 26, 2012

Those were the days...

Now I've nothing to flaunt. -_-"

• I envy skinny girls who eats like a monster but doesn't gain a pound!
• I hate how french fries are so yums but so fatty to consume everyday!

Why does everything that's pleasurable has consequence in return?
Like how they describe, when someone's so happy, something bad will happen later on. 

What's more scary is that, what will happen when someday i'll get married [which i hope will happen] then get pregnant, and never lose the weight  and stretch marks, and saggy skin, and dark-fits, and all scary nightmare a woman wouldn't want to have! URGH!


I should marry a dermatologist then. HAHAHA! :)))


  1. Super cute post~ & what a lovely blog you have here~ I'm following.


  2. What are you talking about? You're so toned! But I agree about French fries 100%!

  3. whaaa you should flaunt it!!!! and yea I think french fries do that to you T_T!

    - DB